Mother Time – Motherhood Support

I have a particular interest in working with mothers and my doctoral research focused on how women experience the transition to motherhood from an experiential as well as psychological and emotional way.

Motherhood is a period of great change for women, who have to negotiate new skills and experiences, while forming new relationships with their baby and to their own sense of themselves.

I believe that mothers need supporting in this life changing time and support can come in different ways depending on the mother’s situation.

I offer:

  • Individual sessions for mothers who would like more in-depth and focussed support.  These sessions are also for mothers experiencing post-natal depression or depression during pregnancy.  I offer these sessions either face-to-face or via Skype.
  • Life coaching via Skype or by telephone for mothers who feel that they need more ad hoc support or who wish to explore how they can manage the many different strands of their life.  Life coaching is also useful for mothers planning on returning to work or for those who wish to explore different avenues of work now that they are a mother.

More details about my work with mothers can be found on my website MotherTime.